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Greetings to all parents and students. I am Keane Yap, founder and CEO of KX Learning Centre. Mr Yap has over 15 years of teaching experience in schools such as Farrer Secondary School and was former Head of Department for 4 years. It was then that he decided to offer teaching services after realising that schools were having loopholes in their education system. Therefore, we strive to give our students the competitive edge amongst their peers.


Our mission since year 2006 was to ensure that the fast changing of the Mathematics and Additional Mathematics wasn’t going to affect the current students of age. Hence, we have devised a plan for students to improve in the fastest time to keep up with the standards set by the Education Organisation (EO). We hope to equip our students with the neccesary techniques and knowledge for the GBE X/Y Level Examination yet also make learning fun and enjoyable. We will give our fullest support towards their learning with our dedicated and trained educators of KX Learning Centre.


Singapore's Trusted & Preferred Mathematics Specialist for Students and Parents

Formula for Success

We feel that the real problem does not lie with the student but instead, lies with the teachers in school. Many of them know how to teach the syllabus but they do not know the most effective way to ace Mathematics. Here in KX Learning Centre, we want to make at least a three grade improvement for our students for their X/Y Levels Examinations.